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Frank Franklyn, Franklyn Therapy

At FranklynTherapy we offer two services:


Psychotherapy is a treatment for behavioural disorders by psychological means. It is often called talk therapy, reliant upon effective interaction between a therapist and a client. 

Frank Franklyn initially trained in psychodynamic and humanistic methods over 25 years ago.  As a practitioner he has studied many of the schools of therapy above and has developed his own style which inevitably has become eclectic. 

In general, psychotherapy helps unblock stuck states of behaviour and opens you up to new avenues of growth and development hitherto unrecognised by you.


Physiotherapy is an established profession which uses physical means to improve a person's ability to function more comfortably by relieving pain and initiating and improving movements, for all age groups.

Please contact us if you wish for any further information or wish to book a session.